Busy Mom Gets FIERCE

A 15 Week Workout Plan for the Woman who Loves a Challenge.  

Embrace Your FIERCEness!  



Yes! There you are! ...Another woman not afraid of hard work. ...Another woman that looks challenge in the eye and winks. Let’s be FIERCE friends!


You LOVE lifting weights, but you could really use a NEW PLAN to INSPIRE you to get to work at the gym or even at home!

You don't want just any ol' workout.  You want a FIERCE workout!

You want to continue to get strong lifting weights and learn new ways to challenge you body.

...And you want a plan to tell you exactly what to do and when!

I’m excited to bring this FIERCE plan to you. 

I knew I wanted to develop an advanced plan for women that embrace “badass”.

 ...Women that LOVE to lift and LOVE to have a plan that challenges them.  

Let’s do this!  ~Val Solomon

You’ll get 15 WEEKS of workouts!

This is a great place to put your CTA that you have been building towards in your video.



As a woman who loves lifting, you probably want to get to the gym as many days as possible!  But LIFE HAPPENS!  The Busy Mom Gets FIERCE Plan is flexible as to how many days you workout.  You can choose to complete the 5 Day OR 4 Day Plan.  Both are included with your purchase.


With the Busy Mom Gets FIERCE Workout Plan, you have the flexibility you need as a FIERCE, but busy mom. Each exercise can be done at a gym or at home.

Equipment Needed if at Home:

  • hand weights

  • bar and weight plates (can sub in dumbbells for now)

  • bench of some sort

  • stability ball

  • resistance bands

  • used but not a "must" to have: medicine ball, jump rope, pull up bar, Bosu ball


What Will You be Doing for 15 Weeks?

Your complete workout will be laid out for you everyday! You'll know exactly what to do, how many, and when.

Weeks 1-4: It's time to build some murves - you know, muscle curves!  You will be doing traditional body split lifting, meaning you will train muscle groups: Legs, Back/biceps, Chest/triceps, Shoulders, Backside, Core mixed in.  Time to get strong!

Week 5 Mash-Up: A sweaty switch from traditional body split lifting - These are higher intensity, some full body workouts, to shock the system. Fun! Fun! These are great workouts to keep in your tool box for switching things up or when you travel!

Weeks 6-9: New workouts in the same style as weeks 1-4

Week 10 Mash-Up: New workouts in the same style as week 5

Weeks 11-14: New workouts in the same style as weeks 1-4

Week 15 Mash-Up: New workouts in the same style as week 5

INCLUDED: Extensive Exercise Library eBook 

You'll receive access to your own 104 page Exercise Library specific to this Busy Mom Gets Fierce Plan.  It includes pictures and directions for EACH movement.

FREE "Learn to Eat Well" total nutrition guide and RECIPES!

BMGFierce is a badass workout guide, but as you know, nutrition plays a huge role in making progress.  I've included, for FREE, the nutrition guide from my Next Step Plan.

PLUS: FIERCE Nutrition Notes

The Busy Mom Gets FIERCE Plan will teach you to start thinking next level about nutrition. When you train hard, when you are FIERCE... food becomes FUEL.

It's a Complete Plan

Not only will you have badass workouts everyday for 15 weeks, nutrition guides and recipes to propel you forward, you will be given other tools, tips and videos to make sure you feel confident with your new challenge.

•   Video notes on FORM so you learn to move correctly

•   Videos answering FAQs about lifting 

•   Supplement tips & advice

•   and more ways to help you embrace your FIERCEness!

Ready for Your New FIERCE Workout Plan?

Accept the #BMGFierce challenge and get access to your plan TODAY!