BMGF Next Step Plan

Are you comfortable with the idea of strength training but you need a plan? Are you ready for the next step in your fitness journey?

Do you feel you are lacking knowledge or confidence with strength training or eating well to see the results you crave?

The BMGF Next Step Plan was designed for you!

With the BMGF Next Step Plan, I’ll lead you through next level training to develop lasting exercise and eating habits that lead you to the fit lifestyle and body you want!

This Next Step plan includes FOUR MORE Workout Phases to keep you progressing in your training so you continue to develop muscle tone and build strength but also guides you through a lean out phase to show off the gorgeous muscle tone you’ve developed.

The Next Step Plan Diet has EXPANDED nutrition guidance to build on what you’ve learned in my Beginner Plan or in your own fitness journey so far and continue to get results that match your hard work.

With pictures, videos, easy to understand directions, and more… I share my knowledge with you in a complete guide.

This plan is for:

  • those that have completed the Busy Mom Gets Fit Beginner Plan
  • anyone that is comfortable with strength training but wants to learn more and have a solid plan to follow

FOUR progressive workout phases:

  • Workouts can be done at HOME or a GYM
  • You can choose to strength train 3 days a week or 5 days a week

BMGF Next Step Phase 1 Workouts: Master – become a master at basic strength training movements

BMGF Next Step Phase 2 Workouts: Foundation – progressively more challenging exercises focused on building and muscle foundation

BMGF Next Step Phase 3 Workouts: Build - even more challenging exercises focused on building muscle to continue progressing

BMGF Next Step Phase 4 Workouts: Lean Out– higher intensity movements to challenge your body to show off muscle tone

Equipment Needed:

Access to a gym

OR Home Gym with:

  1. set of resistance bands with a door attachment such as any of these great sets of resistance bands here
  2. variety of hand weight pairs (2 x 5, 10, 15lbs, etc.)
  3. bench or stability ball to sit on
  4. olympic bar - for phase 3

TWO progressive NEXT STEP Diet Phases:

BMGF Next Step Phase 1 Diet: Show Me What To Eat!

BMGF Next Step Phase 2 Diet: Learn to Eat Next Level for Life

The BMGF Next Step Diet takes you beyond the BMGF Beginner Diet to introduce you to these concepts:

  • Match your calorie intake to your workouts & goals
  • Optimize your results with a protein intake range

Optional Bonus Phase:

  • Counting macronutrients
  • Pre & post workout nutrition
  • Learn to stop crash dieting and really make lasting changes for yourself and your family.
  • Meal plan & recipes
  • Grocery list

Also included:

  • Guide of good foods to eat
  • Printable daily tracking tools
  • Weekly challenges
  • Guides on warming up and stretching
  • Tips on target heart rate

BONUS: Protein powders explained AND a free copy of GORGO Women’s Fitness Magazine

and MORE!


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