BMGF Flat Tummy Plan

Do you have a “mommy pooch”? Are you peeing during workouts? Have low back pain? Have abdominal separation? or do you train women that do?

If you are experiencing any of these issues, the BMGF Flat Tummy Program was designed for you! There’s an answer to these issues, and you don’t have to settle.

The BMGF Flat Tummy Program is a core “re-training” system. If you are like me, you learned to train your core incorrectly in an attempt to fix a tummy you were dissatisfied with. Traditional ab training only makes the problems worse!

In the BMGF Flat Tummy Program I, along with physiotherapist and other experts, take you through 10 Modules that work in layers to teach you what you need to know to work on correcting these issues.

Think of this program as more than a “flat tummy” program - it’s a core recovery program. You have the opportunity here to not look at your “mummy tummy” as something ruined or dysfunctional after having babies. Instead, you have the ability to take back control and build yourself stronger than ever.

This plan is for:

  • anyone with a “mommy pooch”
  • anyone with issues of peeing during workouts
  • anyone with a weak core
  • anyone with ab separation - diastasis recti
  • anyone with low back pain
  • trainers looking for knowledge on how to train a woman’s core correctly

What to expect with the BMGF Flat Tummy Program:

  • 10 Modules including videos, downloads, and tracking tools to teach you proper core training for good
  • 3 progressive day-by-day exercise phases
  • pictures and easy to understand directions

Equipment needed:

  • no equipment needed to get started! You can start today!
  • stability ball - for phase 3
  • bosu ball - for bonus workout

BONUS: Bosu Ball Workout Phase

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